Major Projects

Through the years, Techso is proud to have been involved in a diverse range of challenging and often “leading edge” projects.  These include, among others:

  • 25 Year Integrated Transport Master Plan: ITS, Transport Planning and modelling in EMME 4
  • Dube Trade Port Transport Road Master Plan Update utilising PTV VISUM and PTV VISSIM
  • A passenger demand forecast with the purpose of predicting the Gautrain patronage up to 2018
  • Transport Road Master Plans for Masvingo and Mutare in Zimbabwe utilizing PTV VISUM
  • Development of a policy and draft regulations for the implementation of National Automated Fare Collection Systems in Public Transport
  • The Design of the Specifications (and subsequent Contract Management) for SANRAL’s Design, Build, Operate & Maintain (DBOM) contract for ITS deployment nationwide
  • The Design of the Specifications and subsequent Contract Management for the Integrated Automatic Fare Collection System of the City of Cape Town
  • Modelling of BRT Lines 1 and 2 for Tshwane



Our client base are private and public organizations (both local and international) and on all levels of government.