Techso was established in March 2005 where their first office was opened in The Innovation Hub (Pretoria).  The Western Cape office followed in 2008.


Core Values

The core values of the company are:

  • Excellence – to deliver quality products and service in line with world's best practice;
  • Innovation – to provide innovative, but cost-effective solutions that meet the needs as well as the expectations of our clients;
  • Integrity – to be honest and transparent in the execution of all work, harnessing the ethical code of our profession at all times;
  • Relationship-driven – recognizing the importance of healthy relationships among staff, clients and the wider industry to ensure that we enjoy our working environment and deliver a quality product.



Techso’s team include the following specialists:

  • ITS, Transportation and Traffic Engineering specialists
    • registered professional engineers with the Engineering Council of South Africa
    • members of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering
  • Advocate
    • admitted to High Court of South Africa
  • IMS specialist
    • 15 years of specialized experience
  • Electrical Engineering Specialists


Affiliations with:

  • Hlabangwane & Associates providing Traffic Survey Services.