Techso provides extensive, multi/cross disciplinary services ranging from national to regional plans to complicated simulations of traffic movement.


Transportation Planning

  • Preparation of plans at local, regional and national levels
  • Demand modelling
  • Development of transportation policies
  • Corridor analysis
  • Toll modelling


Traffic Engineering

  • Development and Environmental Traffic Impact Assessments and Studies
  • Road Network and System Capacity Analysis and Traffic Signal System Design
  • Road Network and Intersection Micro-simulation
  • Travel Demand Studies
  • Traffic Management Plans


Transportation Economics

  • HDM4 analysis
  • Determine the Engineering and Economic viability of investments in road projects.
  • Project analysis
    • Maintenance of existing rods
    • Improvement of existing roads
    • New construction
    • Stage construction
    • Life Cycle prediction of deterioration, maintenance effects & costs
    • Road user costs and benefits
    • Project evaluation and economic comparison of project alternatives (i.e. bypass analysis)
  • Program Analysis
    • Prioritisation of road projects
    • Identify road sections for maintenance
    • Determine alternative improvements
    • Optimise program in case of budget constraints
  • Strategic Analysis
    • Analyse whole network for long term planning under different budget scenarios    


 Public Transport

  • Public Transport Plans
  • Public Transport operations (routing & scheduling)
  • Fare collection systems (policy & technology)
  • Inter modal facility planning & simulation


Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

  • ITS Strategic Planning
  • Architecture development
  • ITS standards
  • Concept development
  • ITS system development (planning, design, tender documentation, supervision)
  • ITS Deployment planning
  • Management Systems
    • Traffic information management
    • Overload Control Systems
    • Traffic Control Management systems
    • Tolling systems



  • Toll modelling
  • Toll policy advisory
    • Impact assessment
    • Charging & enforcement policy assessment
    • Development of public consultation programmes
    • Assessment of complementary measures
    • Advice on future trends towards advanced road user charging
  • Toll scheme design and implementation
    • Requirement capture
    • Development of technical & operating specifications
    • Performance management regimes
    • Tender process management through to implementation oversight


Traffic Surveys

  • Classified manual intersection counts
  • Classified link counts
  • Road side interviews (drivers and passengers)
  • Origin destination surveys
  • Pedestrian counts
  • Queue lengths
  • Travel Mode surveys
  • Data Capturing


Legal Services

Legal services are provided across a variety of sectors, such as Road Transport and Intelligent Transportation Services, Air Transport and Aviation, Water, Energy and the Commercial sector.

Services include:

  • The formulation of strategies and policies
  • The drafting of legislation and other legal instruments required for the implementation of such strategies and policies
  • Project management
  • Facilitation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Institutional development
  • Restructuring
  • Determining appropriate service delivery mechanisms (especially for municipalities)
  • The formation of public-private partnerships and public-public partnerships
  • Procurement
  • Corporate governance
  • Legal due diligence
  • Strategic planning
  • Contract and business development

Development Services

We believe in an integrated approach to development initiatives. Communities / stakeholders should be intimately involved in decision-making and in focusing of any development programme. In this regard we see our services extending from needs assessment and situational analysis to consultative programme development and participative programme evaluations.

Road Incident Management Systems

  • Stakeholder identification
  • Systems and protocols development
  • Develop guideline plan
  • Provide Outcome based training
  • Establishment and management of Forums
  • Stakeholder Liaison and consultation
  • Community Participation

Community Awareness Programmes

  • Design, Develop and Implement Awareness programmes
  • Awareness material design and develop
  • Develop and implement Training the Trainer programmes
  • Develop and implement capacity building programmes


Systems Engineering

As Systems Engineering Specialists, we understand that a system is only as good as it is being operated. Therefore our approach is not to make the operational methodology fit the system or software, but to engineer the system to fit an optimized operational methodology.

Having been involved from design through build to operations and maintenance, Techso understands the interactions and complications in the System Engineering field. Using an integrative approach across all the engineering disciplines and other services available from Techso, a complete systems approach is offered.

Services include:

  • Analysis of requirements and design of Concept of Operations (multidisciplinary approach)
  • Analysis and design of system, software and procedures accordingly
  • Verification and testing during the various phases of hardware design, manufacture and testing
  • Verification and testing during the various phases of software design, development and testing as well as ESCROW testing and validation
  • Verification and testing during the various phases of communications design, implementation and testing
  • Integration testing and verification of the match to operational requirements
  • Verification of project documentation (detail designs, drawings, manuals, Standard Operating Procedures, maintenance schedules, training material, etc)
  • Operations and maintenance audits, Root Cause Analysis, reporting and corrective actions
  • Preparation and evaluation of tender documentation according to different contracting standards
  • Supervision and project management of contracts



Techso has invested extensively in state-of-the-art software as vital tools that enables us to address complex and challenging aspects of our projects.  Software acquired includes:

  • PTV Suite    
  • HDM-4        
  • Sidra
  • HCS

We also have experience in using a wide range of industry software, as depicted below:

  • EMME 4
  • Trips
  • TransCAD
  • Arcady
  • Paramics