Social Responsibility

Techso is actively involved with the Pure Hope initiative, a pre-primary as well as primary educational institution for under privileged children started in 2010.  Pure Hope Kids and Pure Hope Primary is part of the Pure Hope Team that is managed as a Section 21 company with Section 18 benefits.

The Pure Hope Team strive for a positive change in South Africa and believe that we need to start with the education of our children

The school programme focuses on developing the children in all areas and aspects of their lives.  Pure Hope Kids are for children that cannot afford to attend a creche or school at any cost.  The school accommodates children from the immediate environment including the nearby located informal settlement.   

The Techso Team also reaches out to needs in local communities.  Recently a drainage problem was addressed in a local informal settlement.  A labour intensive effort by the Techso team resulted in installation of a “French drain”-type solution, vastly improving living conditions for the community